Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Nature Study

This week, I decided to grab on a whim these materials to follow along with Barb from Handbook of Nature Blog, as she leads a gaggle of us in a study of spring trees, weather, flowers, insects, etc.! 

Sadly, in the busy shuffle of moving and living on my own with four wee folk, one of the finer things to get lost was a focused time of Nature Study.  Although it was one of our favorite things to do, it was one of the first victims of the first year of our too-busy and uber-disorganized life!

But we're back!  In this Crucible otherwise known as 2010, I learned how to manage both home and [now] work!  Simplifying where we can and being diligent each day in the little things has helped indeed.  And now we're ready... oh-so-ready!

Won't you consider joining us, too?  Barb's very modestly priced guide spells everything out for us, which I LOVE!  And when she stops in May for a mini-unit, my li'l troop of naturalists will just keep on trucking through the materials so we get the most bang for our bucks.  We can even link up with one another to continue see how the spring study translates in your homes and regions, which I too LOVE!

Tomorrow, we're off on a field trip to the art supply store to get new nature journals and watercolor pencils.  We're all so very glad to be getting back to the basics of a Charlotte Mason education... and, hopefully, staying there! 

I may need more glue...  and tape. 

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