Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Heart Heritage History, Always and Forever

Have you ever stumbled upon providence?

You know, that feeling you're tripping on your own shoestrings yet you wind up not in the gutter with scraped knees but in a springtime meadow with blossoms galore surrounding you, cradling your head like a sweetly scented pillow of awesomesauce?

This is exactly word for word my experience not long ago, as I was searching and searching the internet for those out-of-print gems I so love to use in my homeschool.  I was bent on finding another in the 'Our Little *** Cousin of Long Ago' series of historical fiction for my dearest Fiona to read this year.

Determined to find a copy in nearly any condition, I searched and searched for that Viking cousin, through the lowlands and deep into Valhalla, and yet each time I plugged any number of related words and in any combination, the machine that is Google brought me again and again to Heritage History, or to its many links at least.

In disgusted defeat, I finally clicked and...


If there was ever a curriculum tailor-made for me and my seed at this point in our homeschool journey, Heritage History is it.  A curriculum for grades four through eight, steeped neck-deep in a living books' philosophy of education, and drawn much from the dense and well-written books of old, Heritage History allows my kids to dig into the depths of whichev historical time period and encourages them to work at their own pace, whether it be a trot or a full-blown history-lover's sprint through literally dozens of fantastic books cannot fail but bring history to life.

Warmly embracing the full curriculum set of British Middle Ages on CD, I scoured the Study Guide which is chock-full of "color maps and charts, timelines, recommended core reading for beginner, intermediate, and advanced readers, geography terms, outline maps, binder covers, historical era summaries, list of prominant characters, and accountability records."  Entirely void of droll busywork, Heritage History's supplements just make sense and simply.  Here, have a sample.  No napkin required.

Although I was forever hooked on the beautiful, vintage maps that are more complete than most if any modern mapping aids I've yet seen, the foundation of Heritage History's curriculum is the dozens upon dozens of books from which you or your children choose as their core.  As in any basic, nuts-and-bolts Charlotte Mason education, I was tickled to find that Heritage History too recommends a child choose a history, a biography, and an historical fiction book upon which to focus each term, and each book's link is color-coded for beginning, intermediate, and advanced readers for easy-peasy, organizational goodness.

That's it.
Oh, wait.  Did I mention that each of these dozens of books are available in three formats?  Yep--> Kindle, PDF, and even audio.  
History that truly comes to life: narrative histories, biographies, legends, hero stories, literature. 

Books written in beautifully dense language during an age that thought higher of the minds of children instead of the watered-down folly of today.

Supplements that make sense and waste not your time or money.
Wait again!  Did I even mention money?!  
This full year's living books curriculum for my entire family retails for $24.99.

Oh em gee.

How can one miss the mark with Heritage History?!

I dunno.

Seriously, I've no clue.

But from what I hear, you always miss the shots you never take (Wayne Gretzky).

So, if a living books education is your homeschool's goal, take the shot, babies.  

Take the shot.

Disclaimer: I received Heritage History's British Middle Ages Classical Curriculum on CD in exchange for a fair and honest review.


  1. I heart Heritage History, too!

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