Monday, October 17, 2011

TOS Review: Visual Latin

Warning: RAVE REVIEW, bound to have many and mucho adjectives and adverbs.



Considering yourself well warned ... Visual Latin is the shizzle.

I was excited when offered the opportunity to review this product--you know, the whole jumping up and down while screaming, "Pick me! pick me!"  But I never expected to love it as much as I do, and neither did my kids who both have sat through the video lessons of other Latin curricula, glassy-eyed and sometimes doing movements that somewhat resemble breakdancing of the 80's but just ... not ... quite ... right.

As a Charlotte-Masonite, a proponent of a liberal education, Latin is an important component in our home school.

As a single with four fab wee folk to nurture and educate whilst spinning many other plates, I don't have time to personally teach Latin.  I need something or someone else to hold the reins of subjects which require little to no discussion, subjects like Latin.

So, what set Visual Latin apart?  Why am I raving like a lunatic ... about Latin? (We'll only cover my raving about Latin, not raving in general.  That would require too much time and I've four fab wee folk to nurture and educate whilst spinning plates.)

Whoa.  Do you see this^?  Your wee folk can even download their lessons to a computer, iPad, or iPod.  And there are audio files included too!

Dude is hilarious!
I sat with my kids during the introductory and first three lessons.  He was cracking me up.  I mean, I was totally Laughing-out-Loud, and I don't often really LOL.  It's more of a smirk and sometimes an additional nasal exhale if I find something really amusing, but LOL I did, "Ha!"  And so did my kids, "Ha! Ha!"  We were having so much fun, the little ones wandered into the room and wanted to watch the funny show too.

Dude is organized!
I love the simple but effective layout of the three separate and short video segments of each lesson: Grammar, Sentences, and Reading.  Requiring only fifteen to twenty minutes each day, my kids were pressing play first thing in the morning and talking about Latin throughout the rest of the day.  What I loved best was the clearly marked "stopping points" and subsequent yet brief worksheets.  The kids knew when the lesson ended and exactly what to do next.  That's some serious awesome sauce.

Visual Latin is affordable!
At The Compass Store, there are so many purchase options available: DVD of all thirty lessons, DVD of the first (second, last) ten lessons, download of lessons, home and school, etc.  You just cannot go wrong!  And at a special price available right now, $80 for the full year's curriculum makes Visual Latin less expensive than anything comparable on the market!


Oh, and did I mention The Compass Store also offers affordable Online Classes taught by Dwane, AKA Mister Hilarious?

We've put our chips all in on this one, but don't make a decision based on a raving lunatic.  Try a free and complete lesson.  And with this coupon code worth $10 off your purchase, you'll soon be raving too! 


The more the merrier I always say ... and now in Latin.

Disclaimer: I received the first ten lessons of Visual Latin in exchange for a fair and honest review.  You can read more reviews at the The Old Schoolhouse blog.


  1. I've stored this away for later. Right now we're happy with Minimus Latin, but this sounds good when I get to the 'what next' stage. Love your happy adjectives. Adjectives are good!!

  2. I looked at Minimus and loved what I saw. It looks very engaging. Do you find it to be student-directed, or do you have to be quite involved? I really need them to be independent wherev poss.

  3. Latin that makes you laugh out loud sounds like a winner to me!! Great review!


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