Thursday, February 17, 2011

As Long As They're Not on My Face, Lines Are Good

Olivia, age 13
With the rain and sleet pounding us yesterday, we weren't able to get outdoors for our nature sketch.  So, extending our week of bliss in the coastal Redwoods of California just (several) days longer, I integrated our art lesson on LINE--thick, thin, long, and short--with the treasured finds we brought home to adorn our nature table.

David, age 10
 Although my kiddos couldn't help but color their finished sketches, I think they did a great job paying close attention to the details of these highly intricate pieces.  Natural items are so much more visually complex than anything man can create, and I just love and marvel at them!

Fiona, age 8
 Oh, and I also am currently marveling at a new Vitamin-C face cream I discovered in my local grocery store.  It smells heavenly and my skin just swallows it up in big gulps.  And after only two weeks, I swear I look ten years younger, when I'm not wearing my glasses.
Laura, age witheld


  1. yay! they did great! do you use drawing with children for your guide, or do you just wing it?

    I think I'm gonna call my kids and have them do that for their nature study today too... or perhaps I should get off my duff and get outside. I guess I know what I ought to do ;) I'll be a good mommy and go... thanks for the inspiration :)

    amy in peru

  2. I've had a lot of art training, Amy, so we kind of wing it, using Artistic Pursuits as a guide. These days are our favorite times of the week, other than Shakespeare and Plutarch!

  3. Methinks you should put your Vit-C face cream up on your affiliate link. Love the pictures of the drawings. Good to see where their talent comes from as well ;)


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