Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Curricula Choices for 2010-11, or Beware: Subject to Change with the Wind

Although I am a die-hard fan of Charlotte Mason and follow the Ambleside Online curriculum rather fiercely, I do tend to modify at times. Below is a small reflection of my innate desire to tweek.

Can I also say that I'm both very excited and super intimidated by the coursework of House of Education's Year-7, and cannot even believe that I'm here already, making stacks of these beautiful books?!!

[] Good English, by Elson & Runkel (instead of Our Mother Tongue)
[] The Modern Speller, Book Two, written by Kate Van Wagenen (I love this because it holds my oft too busy hand and combines daily copywork & weekly dictation!)
[] MEP Maths, using a modified Year-7/8 combo after finishing Singapore Elementary
[] World Magazine's Top Story for Grades 6-9
[] Ballet
*Also, I've decided to put off "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" until another year and instead spread "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?" over the entire school year, using the corresponding guide to dig even deeper.

[] A Modern Speller, Book Two
[] MEP Math, Year 5
[] Baseball & Soccer

[] MEP Math, Year 3
[] Apologia Elementary Science: Flying Creatures
[] Baseball & Soccer

As for my youngest, considered in AO's Year 0, he will be learning to read well, playing with numbers, and being read some of the best picture book literature for children, plus one of our faves: For the Children's Hour, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey.

Some things we'll be doing together are daily Bible reading & German, weekly studies of Plutarch's Lives, Shakespeare, artists and composers, and Nature Study, plus adding a new hymn to our repertoire each month. The more we combine, the easier it gets!


  1. That looks great! What do the kids think?

    Oh, your children are growing before my very eyes - Year 7?!!

    The closest I've gotten to planning next year is um, wait...I guess I haven't even gotten close.

    This is exam week. So far we've blown up the pool and gardened.

  2. We're all pretty much sold out to AO. I mean, after hearing, "Now THAT's my favorite ever!" after every finished book, it didn't take this mom too long to make the connection. This year, Shakespeare continues to top the charts around here, with science coming in a close second, as always.

    Year 7!! I cannot believe it myself, but I'm super excited to chew through some great books with her next year, like Mere Christianity. But she's most looking forward to the Life of Fred maths course, which I think will be an interesting change of pace.

    Funny, our break is next week, and my bestie from Idaho will be here to make it that much more special. I'm thinking Slip'n Slide...? Ha!


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